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We are forever grateful to have found Lori.  Her dedication and joy in teaching is illuminated in her talent, compassion, skill and professionalism she consistently demonstrates.  Lori has helped us understand how our son processes information along with all of his strengths. Over the past two years, our son has gained decoding skills that have enabled him to break down words, understand their meaning, and increase his reading comprehension. The skills and confidence he has gained over the past two years has made all the difference in his life, and has enabled him to grow leaps and bounds.

-Naperville, IL

My daughter has been working with Lori for over a year, and not only has her ability to read improved greatly, but so has her confidence.  She's now willing to at least attempt to sound words out.  Lori has also been able to completely turn around my daughter's attitude from not even wanting to look at a list of spelling words, to making up her own lists and playing school with her younger sister.

She's overall happier, more focused, more confident, and more willing to try.  Her anxiety has also decreased.

We are so happy we found Lori!

- Naperville, IL


My son and I are so fortunate to know Lori Jurjovec. She is the best tutor there is...patience and dedication to her work and her students. My son is a bilingual child with learning disability and yet Lori Jurjovec did teach him to read. After she applied the learning technic called "The Road To Reading" my boy just bloomed like a flower:)...of course it took a while:))....but my son is reading. And most important he loves books now...and to prove it we spend $130 at Beebe Book Fair:)
My boy is confident at school now. He is catching up with his reading level in class
and the most important he loves going to "mrs. Lori"(that's what we call:) We are so happy to find such a wonderful tutoring place. Worth it every dollar.
My son always enjoys one on one attention and structured lesson plan. And myself, as a parent, always appreciate evaluations, short-term objectives and progress reports.

-Naperville, IL

Amazing, patient, caring and you get results! Everything you would want in a tutor for your child. She has genuine compassion and concern that shines through to your child. My son loves going to tutor for these reasons.

-Naperville, IL

My son struggled with reading throughout elementary school. He started seeing Lori  and due to her one on one attention and lesson plans, he started to gain confidence. Reading that was once a chore, became his passion. His self esteem went through the roof, by Junior High the light bulb went on and he was recommended for Honors English. As a parent, I appreciated the individual evaluations, goals and feedback on his progress.

-Naperville, IL