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  Do you have concerns about your child's reading fluency, decoding skills, or ability to retain spelling patterns? Maybe your child seem to be "sliding" by and you see struggles that you feel aren't being fully addressed? 

For a very affordable price, I offer an assessment service which includes an initial 30 min. consultation to discuss your concerns.  I ask that you bring all educational data you have on your child, including report cards, test scores, and any documentation you may have from teacher assessments or outside evaluations.  I will carefully look through this data and then set up a separate time to spend 45-60 minutes with your child to administer the WIST and PAST assessments. The WIST is a nationally normed phonological processing test, that can identify literacy weaknesses in student's reading and spelling skills.  The PAST Assessment is a phonological awareness screener that can identify weak foundational skills in readers.  The results of the testing will be scored and you will receive a 2-3 page report of your child's results. If your child shows signs of a learning disability or fits a dyslexic profile, that will also be shared.  These tests DO NOT diagnose a learning disability.  

Interventions, accommodations, and targeted goals will also be recommended.

Another 30 min. consultation is provided to go over results.

Please note:  The results of this assessment DO NOT diagnose a learning disability. They are simply meant to pinpoint phonological weaknesses and serve as some baseline data for you.  

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(Similar to Lindamood Bell LiPs program)

This program is offered to clients who have weaknesses in auditory discrimination or auditory memory. Foundations in Sounds is a pre-reading program that develops discrimination, memory and sequencing of sounds, and prepares a student for phonemic awareness work that is so crucial to developing reading skills.

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Private tutoring

As a certified Orton-Gillingham Instructor, I will create a custom plan that will be driven by assessment.  Intensive one-on-one instruction that is direct, explicit, and multi-sensory will be delivered to improve the student's literacy skills. This type of instruction is suitable for any student age 5 through adult.

For more information on the O-G Approach to literacy click here.  

Aside from Orton-Gillingham certification, I also have completed training in two Orton-Gillingham programs known as Wilson and Barton.  Depending on the needs of the student these systems may be utilized.  I also incorporate quick drills to strengthen orthographic mapping skills in every lesson.  For more on orthographic mapping research and the reading brain click here to watch a short webinar prepared by Dr. Susan Hall discussing Dr. Kilpatrick's work on the importance of this instruction.

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Group Courses

All group writing courses follow the expertise of Andrew Pudewa's work.  These group offerings are designed as 8 week courses that meet once a week for 75 minutes, with some additional outside writing time required.  The courses follow the Institute for Excellence in Writing's (IEW) unique approach to developing strong writers. These courses will provide the structure that students need to develop confidence in the writing process, while gradually guiding them toward greater independence and creativity. Depending on the course, they will learn one of the nine structural models (note taking, writing paragraphs, stories, simple reports, writing from pictures, research reports, creative writing, essays, and critiques) to help them organize any type of composition. Additionally, stylistic techniques (strong verbs, quality adjectives, sentence openers, and more) are taught incrementally to gently move students from the basics into more sophisticated writing.  All students must start with a pre-requisite course. 

To see upcoming offerings click here.

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No fee

I am always happy to meet or have a phone conversation regarding concerns or to help put you in touch with other professionals who could help.  I am happy to share contacts for psychologists, other tutors, advocates, etc.  I am happy to help you navigate or offer advice or suggestions for next steps.